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Two HIV home testing options happen to be authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are available in america (United states). These represent the Home Access HIV-1 Test System and also the OraQuick HIV test kit.

The Property Access HIV-1 Test system necessitates the user to adopt a sample of the blood and after that it into a lab for processing.

This was the 1st home HIV test kit, authorized by the FDA in July 1996. This test demands a blood sample, which is then sent off to a lab for processing, through the mail.

In order to use this hiv test, a person must first call a toll-free number and register employing an anonymous code. Pre-counseling and a brief, anonymous interview about demographic data are conducted. Then your individual collects their blood sample and sends it off to the lab for processing.

The outcome will be available the working day after the lab receives the blood sample.

To acquire the outcome of the tests, people call a similar toll-free number again and use their anonymous codes. Ever since the manufacturer double-checks the final results before they can be offered to users, additional immediate testing is not usually required when the result is negative.

If someone receives a positive test result, they need to make an appointment with their doctor at the earliest opportunity.

First available for sale within the Usa in April 2013, this HIV test kit is a lot newer and offers results in about 20-40 minutes.

Individuals collect a saliva sample by swabbing their lower and upper gum lines and placing the swab within the testing solution. If the reaction is complete, users browse the results in the home.

Good results are certainly not considered final. Users are instructed to obtain a follow-up test at a clinic. The manufacturer provides a 24-hour toll-free counseling service so it helps 57dexlpky with good success obtain access to local clinics.

It is easy to find other sorts of HIV test kits online. These versions do not possess FDA approval, however, in addition to their test results may not be as accurate.

The primary difference between both of these HIV test kits is the fact that Home Access system is founded on the outcomes of blood tests analyzed by professionals in the lab. The OraQuick test is based on the chemical reactions of saliva, as observed with the user.

Both tests are very efficient at detecting negative results, by using a 99.9 percent accuracy rate.

In terms of positive results, reports have discovered that lab-based blood tests use a 99.7 percent accuracy rate, but the OraQuick way is only 91.7 percent accurate.

This means that almost 1 in 10 people using the OraQuick HIV test kit could possibly have received a false negative result, which means that even though the test says “negative,” a person is actually HIV-positive.